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See the forest AND the trees!


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When looking for details you shouldn’t forget the big picture. We help our clients in making informed decisions based on relevant information from legal sources.

Seventh Sense Oy provides research and analysis on companies, individuals, products and services, brands, technologies and markets. The services are typically utilized in situations like mergers, acquisitions, recruitment, partnerships, market entries and monitoring the competition.


Seventh Sense Oy Ltd. serves a variety of domestic and international clients, including e.g. investors, private companies and consultancies.

We operate in Finland, but can provide services globally with trusted collaborators.

Our track record contains hundreds of projects ranging from due diligence investigations to fraud investigations and market research projects.


We can be reached at info[at]

For further contact details, please email us first.


Seventh Sense Oy is a Finland-based corporate research and investigations company, operated since 2008 (business ID 2147748-1).  We are seasoned professionals with a substantial track record in domestic and international research and investigations. We take pride in making sense and serving our customers with a friendly and goal-oriented approach. Let's make sense together!

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