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Seventh Sense Oy is a Finland-based corporate research and investigations company. We take pride in making sense - supported by our experience spanning over decades, methods tailored to match the project, and most of all the appreciation of our customers. Let's make some (common) sense!


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Seventh Sense Oy provides research and analysis on companies, countries, socities, individuals, products and services, brands, technologies and markets. The services are typically utilized in situations like mergers, acquisitions, recruitment, partnerships, market entries and monitoring the competition. 


Seventh Sense operates in and from Finland. Additionally, we provide services in the Baltic States and Russia as well as CIS countries. With the assistance of our European-wide network of business researchers and Global network of investigators our clients' needs can be met all over the world.


Reputational DD


- in addition to legal and financial due diligence

- essential in making educated decisions related to M&A, new partnerships or recruitment.

Market Intelligence


- market entry studies

- profiling companies or business sectors

- analyzing competition

- research of rules and regulations 

- lead generation

Background checking 


- locating companies and individuals

- compliance checks

- litigation checks

- document retrieval



Reputational DD

In M&A process it is essential to investigate and verify all the legal, financial and reputational aspects of the subject. Even though the findings may appear fine on paper, an added reputational check could bring up discrepancies, like the real reasons behind business decisions that are commercial disasters, poor treatment of employees, corruption or constant failures to handle payments on time. In our assignments we’ve come across companies and individuals who appear great on paper – and are exactly that. There have also been subjects who have constant legal disputes, who don’t respect contracts or cooperators or who exaggarate or downplay things in media interviews. The reputational information is a combination of facts and insight obtained from databases, corporate records and discreet live enquiries.

Market Entry

Plan to launch your products and services into a new market? Market entry requires solid information gathering and analysis – prior to making final investment decisions. Identifying the market size and competitive landscape in terms of competitor companies and the market segments, the true market potential, business culture, rules and regulations, licences, recruitment, marketing and media relations – there are many things to consider. With careful research most pitfalls can be avoided, and you may see challenges turn into opportunities.

Russian Investigations

Over the years, we’ve conducted a significant number of background checks and DD investigations in Russia and the other CIS countries. While a number of information is available in these countries, there are often obstacles to overcome. The political environment can change from one day to the next. New legislation may be introduced over a very short time period, often affecting the business environment. The cultural mindset differs quite a bit from the typical ”Western” way of thinking. With the understanding of the complexities of conducting business in Russia and the CIS, the countries present a wealth of opportunities. We have helped our clients in both finding and verifying basic information on Russian and CIS entities and individuals, but also in gathering limited, not easily obtainable reputational information from reliable sources.


Recruitment decision can be a great investment or a costly affair. The costs involved may not only be financial in nature, but could damage the company’s reputation severely. With the subject’s consent it is possible to verify the potential employee's credentials by using various sources, including live ones. The person may not have a criminal past, but they could have been involved in matters or connected to people a business doesn’t want to be linked with. An individual had had various high level positions that had abruptly ended. Through interviews it became clear that the person had bouts of ”narcissistic behaviour”, and was difficult to work with. When researching further we discovered that the person had been in court twice for battering his wife with a hockey stick. In another case, a person had systematically altered all the dates of their employment. The person also announced having degrees from two universities. While the individual had been enrolled in one of the schools, they never graduated from either.


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